What Do You #PlayFor?

With the Manchester United sponsorship, Chevrolet recognized the need to stand for something beyond mere logo exposure and saw the sheer scale of football’s fan base as an amazing and unique opportunity to express the brand’s vision and beliefs in a meaningful way.


To manifest the power of play, we revamped as a global hub —translated into 11 different languages—to handle everything from live streaming matches to highlighting realtime activity for #playfor across various social platforms. Over 150+ original pieces of content were created focusing on both the team, Chevrolet’s and Manchester United’s various global social change initiatives.


The anthem spot above which aired nationally during the EPL match days, kicked-off this campaign platform and was directed by yours truly.


Demonstrating that through play anything is possible, we rebuilt football pitches all over the world and donated over 1.5 million virtually indestructable footballs in partnership with One World Futbol Project. They were delivered to over 70 countries where play is needed most—bringing joy to 30 million children. In places like in the slums of Bandung, Indonesia or in Kibera, Kenya for example. All with the help of NGO’s while Man Utd legends provided valuable coaching and life lessons.


We interviewed the players, created mini documentaries profiling local influencers who are facing challenges, and showcased various other initiatives.


Morevover, an extensive image library, styleguide, and tool kit were created for adaptation by the regional markets around the world.


And finally, please find the case study below.

mobile_v5_for website_01
mobile_v5_for website_02
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Lastly, the case study.


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