Shirt Reveal

Manchester United is the biggest, most popular sports team on the planet. In order to reach its fans, Chevrolet signed the largest deal ever in sports marketing history to be the club’s main sponsor.


To celebrate the first Manchester United shirt to bear the Chevrolet name—there have only been five sponsors in the clubs’ storied 136 year history— this global launch spot introduces Chevrolet not just as a faceless sponsor, but rather as a passionate fan.


Online, a shareable interactive video (directed by yours truly) invited fans to upload their own face to wear the shirt and be part of the team. 


And when the club played Real Madrid in a friendly at Michigan’s The Big House in Ann Arbor, it became the largest match ever attended in US soccer history. 109,318 fans sang along as the spot played on the jumbotrons.


Some stats:

  • The most-viewed, liked and shared video in the history of Chevrolet, General Motors and Manchester United
  • 17+ million views in the first two weeks alone across all social channels
  • 3+ billion impressions worldwide  
  • 2,400 press articles
  • 190+ broadcast clips
  • 900,000+  photo uploads to the app in the first week
  • A staggering 28% engagement rate, also the highest of any video in the history of either of the three brands 
  • Record of most football shirts sold 


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